Welcome to St. Paul's Lutheran Church of St. Johnsville, NY! - Visions For Our Future - Saint Johnsville, NY
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Prayerful Visions For Our Future: 
Our Tomorrow In God's Hands
We are far from finished:
We are moving forward, seeking new ways to glorify God in Jesus Christ in our Community and region. Partnerships with other churches and ministries, greater strides in compassion and care for family, couples, and singles as well as our focus on children will now be bolstered by a significant focus on teens and "20-somethings".  Our congregation and community grow everyday in God's love and work. St. Paul's has a diversity of people from all different backgrounds and yet we all come to worship God together harmoniously.

Want to join in on this?  It's simple. Simply come on any Sunday and we will welcome you with open arms.